Inspired by his loving father who was a Professional Photographer in the 1950’s, Matt Lydy began showing an interest in photography at a very early age. His father saw his son’s interest and at the age of 10, Matt was making his own images with his very first camera; a Kodak Disc camera. Matt’s father encouraged him to take pictures of everything. He would then sit down with him and review the images and explain what he did well, always offering encouragement. 

As Matt grew, so did his love for photography. By the time he reached high school, he assumed the position of Staff Photographer for his high school yearbook and newspaper. This gave him exposure to many different types of photo opportunities to help him sharpen his skills. 

Eventually life got in the way and Matt took a job in Corporate America. Photography took a back seat for a while as Matt worked the daily grind. In 2002, Matt’s father went home to be with the Lord. It was during this time that Matt started to wrestle with what was missing in his life. Matt returned to photography as therapy and as a way to express himself. It wasn’t long after he found his passion again. 

He began the process of updating his portfolio and seeking guidance from the other professional photographers. His focus was on photographing people and he quickly realized his calling. Matt found the thrill he was missing, which was seeing the expressions on his customer’s faces as they saw their images for the first time. 

This was the first time he really recognized the power of photography to capture the raw emotion and dynamics of the people around him. It is for these reasons that Matt has embarked on the journey of shooting the highest quality images for his customers while working with them to create images that will last a lifetime. 

Today, Matt spends most of his time working on high school senior portraiture. He was on the board of the Professional Photographers of Central Ohio, and is a member of the Professional Photographers of America.

Erin and Matt married in 2013 and in 2015, Erin encouraged Matt to re-start his photography business. Erin guides the day to day business operations freeing Matt to leverage his creative expertise behind the camera and computer. Erin assists Matt in the initial consultations as her schedule allows, and is always assisting Matt during the indoor and outdoor sessions. She provides assistance with clothing selection, posing, fixing runaway hairs, straightening jewelry, and holding lighting equipment. 

Erin’s attention to detail during the shoot is critical to the success of the photoshoot. While Matt sets up his next pose and background, Erin has a tendency to pick up the camera to capture ‘behind the scenes’ shots. Erin is also highly involved during the image selection process to help guide all of the customers to just the right products for their needs.

As a team, Matt and Erin compliment each other very well. Clients have often remarked that they make a great team, and make the sessions even more fun with their personalities, occasional joke towards each other, and their ability to make their clients feel completely comfortable in front of the camera.